Classic Interior Design Services​

Services range from selections for a single space to full-service custom interiors. Typically, these projects are based on a flat fee determined by the scope of work unless otherwise requested. Understanding the scope of work is the first step for each new project and most flat fees are based on a $110 hourly rate.

Design Assistance for Remodeling Projects

​This service is useful for clients undertaking a small renovation or large-scale remodel and need help selecting finishes and developing interior details with their contractor. Conversely, contractors, mill workers and other trades may find it helpful to offer these services to their clients. Consultations (3 hour minimum) will be priced at a $110 hourly rate or a scope of work will be defined and priced with a flat fee.

Space Planning​

Space planning can range from a simple furniture layout to a full space planning or feasibility study. The scope of work is defined first and then a flat fee can be estimated based on an hourly rate of $110.